Christening balloons are a popular way to decorate and celebrate a Christening ceremony, which is a religious event that marks the ceremony of baptizing and naming a child. We have Christening Balloons for boys and Girls available for delivery.

Some common types of Christening balloons include:

  1. Mylar balloons in the shape of crosses, which are a symbol of the Christian faith and can be used as decorations.

  2. Latex balloons in pastel colors such as pink, blue, and white, which are often associated with the innocence and purity of a newborn.

  3. Balloon bouquets featuring a mix of pastel-colored latex balloons and Mylar balloons in the shape of crosses or baby-related items such as baby bottles or pacifiers.

  4. Balloon arches, which can be created using a combination of latex and Mylar balloons and can be used as a backdrop for the ceremony or as a decoration in the reception area.

  5. Personalized balloons with the name and date of the child or a message of congratulations.

It is worth noting that it is best to order the balloons well in advance, to ensure they are delivered on time and to ensure they have the balloons in stock. It is also best to check with the venue if there are any restrictions on balloons, some venues may not allow helium balloons.

Christening balloons can add a special touch to the ceremony and reception and are a great way to celebrate and honor the new arrival. Christening Balloon delivery is available anywhere in Dublin same day and next day delivery throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland

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