18in Emolji Poo Foil Balloon
'You're the Best' Balloon - 18" Foil
'Best Dad Ever' Balloon - 18" Foil

Birthday balloons are a popular and festive decoration for birthday parties. They come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and can be used to decorate the party venue in many different ways.

You can use balloons to create a balloon arch or garland as a backdrop for a photo booth, or you can use them to create a balloon bouquet as a centerpieces. You can also spell out the person's name or age using letter-shaped balloons, or you can use foil balloons in the shape of numbers to mark the person's age.

Balloons can also be used as a gift in itself, or as an addition to a present. You can give Balloon bouquet which are quite popular, it can consist of multiple balloons of different sizes and colors, arranged in a bouquet. It can also have a mylar balloon with a special message for the person celebrating their birthday.

It's worth noting that balloons can be made out of different materials, like latex, foil and foil-mylar, each has its own properties and will have a different lifespan. If you are looking for eco-friendly option helium-free foil or latex balloons are good option as they can be reused, inflating them manually, or deflated and stored for another occasion.

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